Exploring engagement opportunities enabled by keyboard apps

Keyboard apps are part of the everyday routine--which is why they also represent a new (and still untapped) opportunity for marketers and brands to drive ...

Using alternative funding to accelerate growth

The App Economy is maturing, opening up new opportunities for app companies and brands to turn their apps into serious money and stable business. Our host and ...

Using live video streaming to engage audiences and make money as a bonus

Video used to be about telling stories, but some smart app companies are combining live streaming with gifting and other perks to develop new, cool and ...

Focus on what you can control to get more mileage out of your ad spend

In the era of programmatic buying, much of the monetization process has been taken out of app creators’ hands. Algorithms are doing the job for you, but that ...

Can AI scale amazing creatives to super-charge your campaigns?

Don’t fire your graphics designers just yet. But you can use AI to automate many of the repetitive tasks that currently drown your graphics designers in drudge ...

AI is transforming UA and growth marketing—but ad creatives isn’t where it will shine

Reams of 2019 trends predictions posts are calling out AI as the mega-trend. There’s no doubt AI will power more cost-effective UA and bring other ...

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